Roar Engelberg & Stein-Erik Olsen

It was during a T.V. appearance in 1984 that the two musicians met for the first time. Roar Engelberg had no accompanist for his solo. By chance, Stein-Erik Olsen had also been engaged for the same programme and was only too happy to step in.

The combination of panpipes and guitar proved to be an excellent combination and the idea to start a duo comprising the two musicians was born.

The biggest problem at the start was finding suitable repertoire. Little existed and the only solution was to arrange music originally composed for other instruments.

Since these early days they have managed to engage composers to write especially for them, including Henning Sommerro, John Duarte and Nikita Koshkin.

The duo recorded their first album in 1988 and have since performed extensively both in Norway and abroad ,as a duo and as solo artists.

They present a varied program with emphasis on classical music, but also continue to perform traditional panpipes music from Rumania and south America and popular “gems” from all walks of musical life.

They have performed together with bands, choirs and symphony orchestras.

Image of SE Olsen and R Engelberg