I have no doubt that Engelberg & Olsen are very busy in their native Norway, this is a pairing with a difference. Elsewhere they can be enjoyed through this recording, a real ”mosaic” of coloured gems.

Classical Guitar

Engelberg is a real Virtuoso on his instrument. When one considers the panpipes simple construction and the obvious limitations this imposes it is amazing what he manages to convey and the amount of expression he manages to give to the music. Stein-Erik is one of the few exponents of his instrument that in addition to his great musical and technical skills we never here anything untoward when his left hand makes contact with the strings.

Bergens Tidende


Roar Engelberg und Stein-Erik Olsen haben Musikausgewählt, die in der Besetzung unglaublichen Spass bereitet und sicher die Musiker stimulierte - ich empfehle neben Dem Villa-Lobos die drei Tänze von Michael Praetorius oder die Badinerie von J.S. Bach...nein eigentlich die ganze CD! Ein anderes, völlig neues Klangbild!

Gitarre und Laute

Roar Engelberg casts a spell with his panpipes and Stein Erik Olsen paints beautiful atmospheric pictures with his guitar playing. This recording deserves to be played again and again...


Exciting Duet.

Engelberg is a panpipe pioneer throughout Scandinavia. Both artistically and technically he has proved himself to be a fine musician. Like his partner, Stein Erik Olsen is also unique on his instrument. He proved this with a rare interpretation of Sanz “Suite Esponola”. Albeniz “Asturas” then gave him chance to demonstrate his technical precision and his refined sound.

Jarle Sørå VG

Magic; Panpipes and Guitar

They play like parts of the history of music has been written just for them.

Moss Blad

All the well used cliches concerning commercial panpipe Music died a sudden death during this duos clean and intense playing.

Romsdals Budstikke

Both are from a rare breed in today`s music world.


The word being Fantastic!

I have simply never seen such queues for tickets` said a regular critic for the “Festspille” in Northern Norway. `One could have thought this commotion involved pop stars but no…… to very serious musicians, proving it was well worth the queue when they performed the classics just as well as folk Music and both with a rare quality.


These two fantastic instrumentalists exist on their own, but when necessary melt together to form an interesting, atmospheric duo.

Drammens Tidende

A heavenly church concert! Both are vurtuosi in their field. Olsens exploitation of the guitar's possibilities combined with the panpipes celestial sound resulted in a wonderful effect in church.

Fredrikstad blad

These two instrumental artists presented a concert that was both beautiful and virtuoso. Impressive one by one and immense together.

Hamar Dagblad

Beautiful, virtuoso and just sounding great. Roar Engelberg is our leading exponent of the panpipes and covers the whole emotional spectre with his art. Stein Erik Olsen is an exquisite classical guitarist and shone both in his solo items and duets with Roar.


Rarely have we heard the towns orchestra so tight and precise…… However it was Roar Engelberg and Stein-Erik Olsen that were the real stars.

Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen

Devotionally beautiful! There was indeed an almost godlike character in the beautiful sounds that came from Roar Engelbergs and Stein Erik Olsen during Fridays concert in Innset Church.


Velvet sounds from Engelberg and Olsen. A firework display of great Music at a very high standard indeed.

Oppland Arbeiderblad