The duo on BIG (April 2012)

Sunday 29 April the duo played at Brussels International Guitar Festival. See the poster here.

Ida Presti: World premiere recording

Ida Presti was admired by Django Reinhardt, and together with Alexander Lagoya she formed the foremost guitar duo of all times. This is the world premiere recording of Ida Presti's compositions, a truly momentous achievement by the guitarists Olivier Chassain and Stein-Erik Olsen.

The name of Ida Presti (1924–67) holds more than a touch of magic for guitar enthusiasts all over the world. With her stunning musicality, unsurpassed technique, and sensational art of improvisation, she was the princess of the guitar. She composed a number of works for her guitar duo with Lagoya. This music was not  available until the French guitarist and Professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Olivier Chassain, in co-operation with Norwegian guitarist and Professor of the Grieg Academy, Stein-Erik Olsen, reconstructed these works for recording and publishing.

Recorded on the instruments of Presti/Lagoya

Olivier Chassain and Stein-Erik Olsen are both former students of Alexander Lagoya, and it is their painstaking work that made it possible to bring this music once again to the public. As an important extra bonus, Chassain and Olsen have been permitted to use the fantastic Bouchet guitars, built especially for Presti/Lagoya, for this recording. Musée de la Musique in Paris hosted the recording sessions.

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Stein-Erik Olsen & Olivier Chassain performing √Čtude Fantasque by Ida Presti "live" at Chapelle de l'Agneau de Dieu in Paris November 2013. Video produced by Jeff Cogan (click on image to play in new window).