The Bouchet Guitars of the Presti-Lagoya Duo:
A Patrimonial Point of View

"The two guitars by Robert Bouchet (1898-1986) used for this recording were made in 1958 and 1959 respectively. The first, carrying the number 63, belonged to Ida Presti. The second was Alexander Lagoya's and carried the number 66. We have no direct information as to the circumstances surrounding the ordering of these instruments from the instrument maker. It is, however, certain that the two guitars accompanied the celebrated duo during the height of their musical career until the tragic demise of Ida Presti in 1967.

[ . . . ]

It was in 2002 that an opportunity arose to acquire the two Bouchet guitars for the collections of the Musée du la Musique (Paris). Thanks to the intercession of Olivier Chassain, contact was established with the heirs and the acquisition was agreed."

From the booklet notes by Joël Dugot, curator at Musée de la musique, Paris

CD list and sound samples
Compositions by Ida Presti

01 La Hongroise (1959)

La Hongroise

02 Danse D'Avila (1957)

Danse D'Avila (1957)

03 Danse Gitane (1957)

Danse Gitane (1957)

04 Espagne (1966)

Espagne (1966)

05 Prelude (1958)

Prelude (1958)

06 Berceuse A Ma Mer

Berceuse A Ma Mer

07 Etude No. 1 (1956)

Etude No. 1 (1956)

08 Valse De L'An Nou

Valse De L'An Nou

09 Tarantelle (1959)

Tarantelle (1959)

10 Bagatelle (1964)

Bagatelle (1964)

11 Serenade (1955)

Serenade (1955)

12 Etude Fantasque (1966)

Etude Fantasque (1966)

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